HUNTERSVILLE, NC (Skybrook Golf Club) —

On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to thank everyone that participated in this years 2022 Member-Member. We hosted 66 members competing to be a major champion. After the completion of Saturday and Sunday’s round, we crowned our champions Jordan Maves and Chad Badger. Member credits have been applied to all the winners accounts and you can now use those credits for golf shop merchandise.

Registration for the remainder of this year’s majors are now open. You are welcome to sign up for the Club Championship on August 20th and 21st as well as the Member-Guest on October 15th and 16th by calling the golf shop or stopping by the club house and signing up in the event book. If you are interested in signing up for a major, you must have a 6 Month LHI (Low Handicap Index). In order for GHIN to calculate a proper 6 Month LHI you have to have posted 10 score in the last 12 months. Please note that Member-Guest has a max capacity of 60 teams and guests also need a 6 Month LHI to play.

Respectfully yours,

Matt Hill, PGA – General Manager